Julian Warrick

Architectural Design Consultant

About Me

I was born and bred in Long Sutton Lincolnshire and have made my life within the locality. I have from a reasonably young age had a passion for buildings and drawing and eventually ended up in an Architectural Practice. I love design and feel privileged that I can do this for a living and I have pushed myself hard to give people the best for the money they want to spend.

My passion was originally for hand drawings and the detailed work that could be created using a combination of pencil and ink pens, unfortunately I didn't have the same passion for Autocad but I would like to think I created some nice work in the medium. However I now work in Trimble Sketch up and have done for several years and love how intuitive the whole experience is. Trimble Sketch up is a full 3D design program and I now design in full 3D, this can be a combination of external models only with 2D floor plans attached or complete interior and exterior 3D modelling.

What this offers my clients is two fold, firstly they see their design both inside and out, they no longer have to guess. They can see how it relates to other buildings or if its an extension the host building. They can choose and re-choose materials that best suit the design (obviously I'm a designer so suggestions will be made) from the bricks and windows to kitchen units and paint on the inside walls. This will offer a smoother transition from design to construction.

Secondly all my drawings are generated from one key model. All plans, construction plans and sections to all detailed elements within a set of construction drawings are generated from this one key model. All views used for the client or the Planning department again generated from the same model. What this means is is no mistakes, no longer are plans and elevations being drawn over and over again or being copied from one place to another. Again this will offer a smoother transition from design to construction.